Coaching FAQ's

What is the cancellation / refund policy?
If the camp itself is unable to run due to COVID-19 you will be entitled to a full refund minus the booking fee. Unfortunately due to us allocating coaches from booking numbers once your place has been booked/confirmed if you decide not to or cannot attend for whatever reason no refunds are available. If you know someone else who wishes to take your place you are however welcome to request a transfer of the place to someone else. 

Who are the camps aimed at?
Everyone. We cater for all based on age and ability so if you’re new to goalkeeping, been playing a while or want to become a junior or senior international then get involved.

Who coaches on the camps?
We are fortunate to have some of the best coaches in the country lined up to work on the camps. Collectively we have a fantastic team that come with a great blend of knowledge of hockey, goalkeeping and love to have as much fun as the players.

How many coaches will be present on the day?
There will be one coach to every six participants to ensure an attentive and hands-on coaching style.

When will Maddie Hinch be present at the camps?
With Maddie's schedule we cannot guarantee that Maddie will be at the camps, however she does her best to be at as many as possible.

What happens in case of an emergency or accident?
A number of the coaches are first aid certified but for any more serious incidents we will either take the player to hospital ourselves or phone an ambulance. We collect emergency contact information during the booking process so we can inform the relevant person as soon as possible.

Will any pictures be taken?
Professional photographs will be taken throughout the day. Please read the booking form carefully if you wish to opt out of any photography.

Will GK kit be provided?
GK kit will not be provided

What do I need to bring?
Goalie kit: 
• Kickers with straps that aren’t about to break
• Leg-guards
• Abdominal guard (box)
• Padded Shorts
• Chest Guard
• Arm-guards / elbow pads
• Left Glove
• Right Glove
• Stick
• Neck guard (compulsory unless over 18)
• Helmet with all the nuts / bolts / straps in place
• Goalie top / smock

What should I wear?
Training kit: Astro shoes and the usual attire to train in under your goalkeeping kit. Please remember it is likely to be warm, but don’t forget some wet weather gear. You may want to bring a change of clothes for the end of the day.

What time do the camps run from and when do they end?
Registration for the U16’s camp each day is between 09:45 and 10:00, please try not to arrive earlier than this. Coaching will run until 16:00. For those taking part in the adult masterclass please arrive for registration at 18:15 and we will get going shortly afterwards with the session finishing at 21:00.

Will meals, drinks and snacks be provided?
You will need to bring all food and snacks with you and a water bottle, we will of course have a water supply to refill bottles.