Summit Field Hockey Club, USA

There's something truly special about this club, we are honoured to have formed our first digital partnership with a club that aligns perfectly to our values at MH1. They care for each of their goalkeepers, no matter what age or ability they are and create an environment for them to flourish, not only as goalkeepers but more importantly as people. 

We have the privilege to be working with both their coaches and goalkeepers this season to help upskill and educate them through the MH1 app and a tailored series of webinars. We'll also be connecting with them through the community side of the MH1 app, on social media and through mentoring sessions which can be used whenever the individual needs them most, whether that be a coach facing a coaching challenge or a goalkeeper that's just missed out on a selection or picked up an injury. Whatever the circumstance we're here for our extended family.